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QCoro 0.10.0 Release Announcement

Published at: December 05, 2023

Improved signal/slots features and compatibility and bug fixes.

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QCoro 0.9.0 Release Announcement

Published at: April 27, 2023

Important bugfixes, huge improvement to QML support and a brand new Test module.

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QCoro 0.8.0 Release Announcement

Published at: January 31, 2023

Improved QCoro::waitFor(), new sleepFor() and sleepUntil() helper functions and improved thread support.

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QCoro 0.7.0 Release Announcement

Published at: November 16, 2022

Initial QML support, new QCoro::connect() helper and many small fixes - all of this and more in QCoro 0.7.0.

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QCoro 0.6.0 Release Announcement

Published at: July 09, 2022

This release brings several major new featrues alongside a bunch of bufixes and improvements inside QCoro. The four major features are generators support, new QCoroWebSocket module, deprecation of task.h header, and introduction of clang-cl and...

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QCoro 0.5.0 Release Announcement

Published at: April 25, 2022

Major feature in the 0.5.0 release are .then() continuations for Task<T>, all asynchronous operations in QCoro returning Task<T> and many operations have gained support for optional timeout argument. Last but not least, coroutine-friendly wrapper for...

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QCoro 0.4.0 Release Announcement

Published at: January 06, 2022

Major highlights of this release are co-installability of Qt5 and Qt6 builds of QCoro, complete re-work of CMake configuration and support for compiling QCoro with the Clang compiler against GNU's libstdc++.

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QCoro 0.2.0 Release Announcement

Published at: September 08, 2021

QCoro 0.2.0 has been released. The most visible change is that the library has been modularized, to follow the Qt modules and headers have been cleaned.

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QCoro 0.1.0 Release Announcement

Published at: August 16, 2021

I'm happy to announce first release of QCoro, a library that provides C++ coroutine support for Qt.

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