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QCoro 0.9.0 Release Announcement

Another smallish release with just a few new features, but quite important bugfixes.

As always, thank you to everyone who reported issues and contributed to QCoro. Your help is much appreciated!

Enhanced QML Support

Jonah Brüchert has improved the QML support by introducing a declarative API to await a task result.

Previously a task result could have only been obtained inside a JavaScript function:

Label {
    id: usernameLabel
    Component.onCompleted: {
        api.getUserName().then(function(result) {
            usernameLabel.text = result

With QCoro 0.9.0 you can use the new declarative API to use the result of an asynchronous task in a property binding:

Label {
    id: usernameLabel
    text: api.getUserName().await("Loading...").value

The Label will now show the string "Loading..." while the asynchronous task is running and will automatically change to the result of the task once if finishes.

You can check the QCoro::QmlTask documentation for more details.

QCoroTest Module

Yet another release with a new QCoro module! This time it's for tests! The QCoroTest module contains macros (e.g., QCORO_VERIFY, QCORO_COMPARE, ...) that are basically identical to their QtTest counteparts with the only difference being that they can be used inside a coroutine.

We already had this macros inside QCoro test suite almost since the very beginning and realized they can be useful to our users as well, since they will likely want to have unittests for their coroutine code.

In some of the next releases we would like to add a little bit more infrastructure to make writing unittests for coroutines with QtTest even easier.

Check the QCoroTest module documentation with a full list of the test macros.

Full changelog

See changelog on Github