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Coro module

The Coro module contains the fundamental coroutine types - the QCoro::Task<T> for asynchronous coroutines, QCoro::Generator<T> for synchronous generators and QCoro::AsyncGenerator<T> for asynchronous generators. Another useful bit of the Coro module is the qCoro() wrapper function that wraps native Qt types into a coroutine-friendly versions supported by QCoro (check the Core, Network and DBus modules of QCoro to see which Qt types are currently supported by QCoro).

If you don't want to use any of the Qt types supported by QCoro in your code, but you still want to use C++ coroutines with QCoro, you can simply just link against QCoro::Coro target in your CMakeLists.txt. This will give you all you need to start implementing custom coroutine-native types with Qt and QCoro.