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class QCoroTcpServer : public QTcpServer;

QTcpServer really only has one asynchronous operation worth co_awaiting, and that's waitForNewConnection().

Since QTcpServer doesn't provide the ability to co_await those operations, QCoro provides a wrapper class QCoroTcpServer. To wrap a QTcpServer object into the QCoroTcpServer wrapper, use qCoro():

QCoroTcpServer qCoro(QTcpServer &);
QCoroTcpServer qCoro(QTcpServer *);


Waits until a new incoming connection is available or until it times out. Returns pointer to QTcpSocket or nullptr if the operation timed out or another error has occured.

See documentation for QTcpServer::waitForNewConnection() for details.

Awaitable auto QCoroTcpServer::waitForNewConnection(int timeout_msecs = 30'000);
Awaitable auto QCoroTcpServer::waitForNewConnection(std::chrono::milliseconds timeout);


QCoro::Task<> runServer(uint16_t port) {
    QTcpServer server;
    server.listen(QHostAddress::LocalHost, port);

    while (server.isListening()) {
        auto *socket = co_await qCoro(server).waitForNewConnection(10s);
        if (socket != nullptr) {