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const QString result = co_await QtConcurrent::run(taskReturningQString);

The QCoro frameworks allows co_awaiting on QFuture objects, which represent an asynchronously executed call. The co-awaiting coroutine is suspended until the QFuture is finished. If the QFuture object is already finished, the coroutine will not be suspended.

To be able to use co_await with QFuture, include qcoro/future.h in your implementation.

#include <qcoro/future.h>

QCoro::Task<> runTask() {
    // Starts a concurrent task and co_awaits on the returned QFuture. While the task is
    // running, the coroutine is suspended.
    const QString value = co_await QtConcurrent::run([]() {
        QString result;
        // do some long-running computation
        return result;
    // When the future has finished, the coroutine is resumed and the result of the
    // QFuture is returned and stored in `value`.

    // ... now do something with the value